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Servicing & Spare Parts

by Tony Poyner
Exclusive Airconditioning offers servicing for all forms of heating and cooling. Servicing can help keep your heater or cooler working at its best and prevent breakages mid season. Call us today for more information and to book a time.

Evaporative Units


  • Switch on unit at the wall switch control
  • Remove Cover from unit where fitted
  • Check pads and replace if necessary
  • Replace the overflow tube in the drain hole and twist down to ensure it is sealed correctly
  • Turn on water supply and check water inlet operations
  • Switch on isolation switch
  • Operate unit and check functions
  • Check water distribution for even pad saturation
  • Check “Bleed Off” rate and set according manufactures specifications

End Of Season

  • Turn off water supply
  • Turn off power at isolation switch
  • Remove pads
  • Drain tank by removing the overflow tube
  • Clean out tank and dry off
  • Clean the overflow tube and lubricate ‘O’ ring with petroleum jelly
  • Put overflow tube back inside tank
  • Replace pads
  • Fit cover to protect pads during winter Months (if applicable)

Refrigerated Systems

Indoor component split

  • Inspect refrigerant lines for signs of gas leakage
  • Check and clean return air Filter
  • Check operating temperatures
  • Check blower belt tension
  • Check condensate drain/pumps and clean as required
  • Check airflow and temperature differential across the coil

Outdoor component split

  • Inspect refrigerant lines for signs of gas leakage
  • Inspect and clean condenser coil as required
  • Check condenser fan Operation and lubricate as necessary
  • Check operation efficiency and condition of the compressor
  • Check system electrics, operating voltage and equipment
  • Check operation temperatures


Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty Panels have the potential to restrict the performance of your system by as much as 25%. We clean dust, grime and bird droppings from panels. Visually inspect mounting brackets and fixings. Use only environmental friendly products.